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    Spin-off of the University of Padua

  • ACL Quick Check

    The only patented and tested on the field system. ACL – Anterior Cruciate Ligament)

  • A team of professionals


  • We are an innovative startup born from the collaboration between experts in biomechanics and high level sport scientists of the University of Padua.
  • Our product can assess the ACL risk of injuries: this plays a crucial role in ensuring a long lasting athletes performance.
  • Thanks to our algorithm developed at the University of Padova (Italian pending patent), we guarantee an objective evaluation of the ACL function in pre-injury conditions as well as we provide a support in the assessment of the post-operative or post-injury status which is necessary to guarantee a confident postoperative return to the athletes. Thanks to our algorithm we can assess whether or not treatments and recovery time have been successful in restoring patients to their pre-injury state thus promoting a safe return to the level of competitive sport and avoiding inappropriate treatment
  • Our method can be applied to all sports involving the lower limbs such as rugby, basket, volleyball, baseball, hockey, skating, dance, skiing, fencing, tennis, golf and athletics as well as for skiing, fencing, tennis, golf and athletics.


Campi di applicazione

Il nostro protocollo di rilevamento e analisi è disponibile per tutti gli sport di squadra, oltre che per lo sci, la scherma, il tennis, il golf e l’atletica leggera.


Services and fields of application

ACL Quick Check

  • Assessment of the anterior cruciate ligament injury risk. Thanks to our algorithm developed in collaboration with the University of Padova, we guarantee objective data on ACL functionality and post-operative or post-injury recovery times, thus supporting timing and decision-making decisions of a safe return to the competitive level activity.


The analysis of sport-specific movements is conducted on the field in the natural training  environment, indoors and outdoors.


The analysis of functional movemets (gait, squat, drop jump, single-leg squat, etc…) on the field, indoors and outdoors.


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